Sharks, Radio, Civil Rights, & Disney Cheese

Last night I had the weirdest set of dreams….

First dream:

I met DJ Heat at the radio station while she was in a morning meeting. I was late getting there but I ended up being in the meeting too. She said she was bored and starting bbm’ing me. As I received the messages from her a video of the meeting automatically loaded and began playing out loud. I hurried to try and stop it but the lady sitting in front of me heard it. She was Heat’s boss’ boss which ended up being a someone I knew from another job. She looked at me and realized Heat had sent me some video that she shouldn’t have. The lady whispered in demand that I erase the video. I said “yea, sure, yea” acting as if I was going to, but I was actually emailing it to myself. As the meeting progressed turns out I knew everybody that worked at the radio station before I met DJ Heat so we were hugging, waving, and speaking. After the meeting, Heat walked me to my car, the lady followed us, she was pressing me to delete the video. I promised I would so she would leave me alone. Finally, the lady left. I gave Dj Heat a long hug and a kiss on the cheek, gave a “I’ll see you later head nod” and left.

Second dream:

I was in a warehouse with B. Sharise Moore. I was there to try and interview some fisherman dudes who were also chefs. As we are all standing around talking someone drags in a new large fish. They uncovered it and it was a huge shark. B. Sharise was standing a bit close to it. We assumed it was dead. I saw the stomach move a bit and I was like B. umm I think you need to move. She brushed me off Β like “girl that things is dead.” However, it wasn’t dead! It started to wiggle and before we knew it the shark began to slither around the warehouse. As we began to run it gobbled B. Sharise in one bite. Then it turned into a manly type monster figure and began running. It tried to jump out of a window. The guys in the warehouse and I chased it with knives. Soon it just kinda died on its on. It was a super large shark that ended up in someone’s living room. I was sad because I thought I had lost B. Sharise forever, but then the belly of the shark began to move. All of a sudden B. was birthed out of the womb of the shark like a newborn. She came out saying “girl, why was there a little boy and a little girl in there too!” The men from the warehouse picked her up and carried her to the hospital to get checked out.

Third dream:

I walked onto a yard at some cookout. There was a live band and loud music playing. Everybody was partying and getting drunk. Martin Luther King Jr.(MLK Jr.) was the life of the party. He was laughing and drinking with a bunch of men in suits. One of the men in suits was Rasheed Copeland. There were little kids running and playing around in the yard. All of a sudden MLK Jr. starting talking about civil rights, but not in a speech format rather in a drunken “yea that’s what we need” type way. All of a sudden somebody said “let’s march to the Washington Monument!” Everybody else (all the drunken men in suits) said “yea, let’s do that!” I was like “ummm no, lets not do that” (lol). They didn’t listen. Next thing I know they had formed a line on the street. By this time MLK Jr. was so drunk that he had on dress pants, a white tee, and his nose was running. Yet, he was still talking about freedom and marching. He was like “yea, yall come on, let’s march.” I was so confused and worried because we were about to walk to the monument drunk and screaming about freedom. Then I thought to myself….”ah well, what the hell, let’s go!” Some people in the crowd were playing instruments. It was like we were in a marching band. Surprisingly, the Monument was just right up the street from where we were. We marched a few blocks through a building and ended up at the Monument in like 10mins.

Fourth dream:

This one was really short and weird. All of a sudden people starting dying. Then there was a news broad cast that said that people were dying because they had eaten the cheese inside of Disney TV dinners. The last thing I remember about this dream is that I was talking to a man whose wife and daughter had died before he could get home from work because they had eaten the Disney cheese.


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