Write about now…

Every time I consider giving up on writing, performing, or getting published the universe smacks me upside the head with a cue card that reads “THAT’s NOT IN THE SCRIPT.” The words “give up” have never been a part of this life I was put here to lead. Recently, I’ve asked myself “what the heck do you want to do?” I then badgered myself with doing everything I could. Wasted my time doing fun things without real thought or purpose. I’ve been doing all I can do, but not all I want to do.

I decided to meditate on this. Somewhere between the blank space and India Arie’s Strength, Courage, and Wisdom I heard my artistic consultant (one of my favorite people) Dasan Ahanu shouting “WRITE THE DAMN BOOK!” (lol). Even after hearing this I thought…hmm…but my first book sucks! After meditating I logged into twitter and BAM! Like the food channel! Two tweets of confirmation, one from someone saying that their sister just finished reading my book, and a second one from one of my favorite fans saying that she was listening to my CD. It hit me. Give up?Β “THAT’s NOT IN THE SCRIPT!” I got it…..I will write the damn book….write about now!

Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a part of your imagination…in this life all you have is now. Do something with it!


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  1. I Love You Shelly Bell!!! Please don’t stop, you just gettin hot. I need to know where I can get more of your work to read and listen too. Events also, bc I want your autograph… lol! Im just sayn, your definitely a hot topic!
    my email is sweetcakes1212@gmail.com if you get a chance holla at me. By the way im a writer and an aquarius never knew we had anything in common. Hope to see you live one day…ok later!!

    1. Thank you so much! I am blessed by your words of encouragement and excitement. You can follow this blog for info. Contact me using the booking info or contact links so that we can have a chance to meet. Are you in the DC, MD, VA area? If so, we have writing events all the time. Join my mailing list on http://www.reverbnation.com/iamshellybell. I hope to meet you soon as well. Keep writing!

      Regret Nothing | Write Everythingβ„’

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