Sunday Morning Vulgar Truth: Sex with women is awesome;relationships, not so much

Sunday is generally reserved as the day you..

  • go to church
  • don’t cuss
  • don’t drink till after noon
  • don’t clean
  • cook dinner
  • be nice
  • listen to loud vulgar music after noon
  • and possible don’t have sex until the sun goes down.

Well, you know me! I don’t believe in rules that make sense to the majority of the world. Bottom line is we don’t know the people who made the rules. They are all figments of our faith. I love my imagination! SO anyway this is where I come up with the Sunday Morning Vulgar Truth every Sunday to defy mankind’s abstract moral lines they are afraid to cross on Sunday. Ain’t I a stinker 🙂

Today’s Sunday Morning Vulgar Truth is….

Having sex with women is awesome. Being in a relationship with a woman is not so awesome. I have declared myself as bisexual. Homosexuals view bi-sexual people as confused while heterosexuals view bisexuals as homosexuals. Overall, I say stop looking at my sex unless you want to have sex, lol! However, since I am talking about it you have no choice but to look at it because most of America is nosey. Anyway…..

Sex with a woman is:

  • Soft
  • Sensual
  • Adventurous
  • Animated
  • Sexy (yes sex with a woman is sexy)
  • User friendly (women have more parts to play with than men)
  • Engaging
  • Emotional
  • More pleasurable than not

Relationships with women are:

  • confusing as HELL
  • Overly emotional
  • Overly analytical
  • Insecure
  • They want to communicate but often are not good communicators
  • Judgmental (eww, why, what if, you should)
  • Annoying
  • Conspiracy theory oriented
  • Sometimes fun
  • Sometimes friendly
  • Good, when it’s good
  • Bad,BAD IT’s BAD
  • Often crushed by bottled feelings that their mate had nothing to do with.

When I measure the sexual qualities of women beside the relationship qualities of women I must regretfully admit that I understand what men go through with us. After dating and being sexually active with both I must also admit that sex with a man can be quite boring compared to that of a woman. People keep giving me the “you have to meet the right one” type of pat on the back. My response to that is “if I had a nickel for every time somebody has told me that about a man or a woman I would be able to afford to buy the one!”

The moral of this story is TO EACH HIS/HER OWN….as for me and my house we gone face the VULGAR TRUTH….

Happy Sunday folks!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Vulgar Truth: Sex with women is awesome;relationships, not so much

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  1. I never understood all the rules for sunday simply because sunday is not technically the sabbath, and as the bible is always taken literal the sabbath is a day but should now be considered a place of rest when it concerns spiritualality. I swear religion has confused me since I was smart enough to see through it! Good points Shelly Bell. Besides if God was gone get made about what some of us do on sunday, then he is probably furious the other 6 days a week!

    1. Ha! So true! I don’t think God is thinking about half the things we pin on him. I don’t even know if God “thinks” lol! Does God even have a brain? Humans minimize God from giant to human size so that we can understand things the un-understandable. We naturally need an explanation of the unknown, so we fall into these cycles of leaning toward what’s comfortable to think at certain seasons in our life. Ultimately, I feel like God wants me to just live up to my full potential. That includes sexually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

  2. I totally agree with this blog. I always tell ppl I understand what men go thru dealing with women. It’s a task. Women tell you one thing while wanting something else, leaving you confused. I love the passion, the beauty of the woman, and the sexy trait it has. Pass that, it’s hard…..esp if you dealing with a woman whose insecure. Woman can be judgmental on a totally different level. Smh the list goes on…my hats go off to men.

    1. Yes! I am so glad you feel me. Women are very emotional by nature.Emotion can get in the way of all things logical. Somehow we all need to find balance. I am not saying that men don’t have emotional sides but we all know that they have been taught to display emotion differently. Society allows women to display emotion in any way they please. Even if this emotion leads to being labeled as a whiner, as weak, as belligerent, or negative women are allowed to be that. Again, we all should seek emotional balance within ourselves before being in any type of relationship.

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