Sunday Morning Vulgar Truth: Teaching Kids Masturbation

Every year my children come home with a form for me to approve or disapprove of them
receiving sex education aka Family Life Education (FLE). I assume they are teaching them the regular stuff like “this is a penis, you may have one, you can do something other than urinate with it.” Then they show them infected vagina and tell them if you use your penis to do something other than urinate you may run into one of these and you don’t want that. THEN they show them rubbery slippery circular stretchy things called condoms, smile and say this will save your life. Well, it’s probably not like that but I imagine it’s something similar and more informational. However, I have never thought to actually ask what they are teaching them. Anybody that knows me knows that I think a lot. Last week my daughter says “he ma, we have FLE next week” and for some reason my mind started racing. I wondered if they taught kids about masturbation. If not, I wondered why not. I believe that masturbation should be taught to children as a matter of sexual health.

Health benefits of Masturbation:

  • You cannot get STDs from solo masturbation
  • You cannot get pregnant from masturbation
  • You can improve awareness of how you would like to be pleasured
  • Masturbation is a natural sleep sedative
  • Masturbation relieves stress

Benefits of teaching kids to masturbate:

  • teen pregnancy prevention
  • prevent the spread of STDs
  • addresses need for sex while abstaining
  • stress reliever before test

The bottom line is from a statistical standpoint the current sex education provided to America’s children is not preventing teen pregnancy or the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STDs. We are sexual beings born with parts that are designated by God specifically for sexual pleasure yet we try to constrain these natural needs unnaturally. Maybe sex education should start with how to please yourself. Maybe this would not just encourage physical health but emotional health as well. The media is overly sexual but we expect our children to not be sexual. That’s backward thinking. Let’s be open-minded. The kicker is I have no clue who is going to teach them and how they will do it. It won’t be me! hehehe…..I just think it should be done! HA!


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