Being appointed is a big deal!

What does this mean?

Formal description:

The role of the Arts Commission is to provide leadership in the development of a vibrant and sustainable arts community that engages audiences, and to encourage support and appreciation for the arts as a cornerstone of Alexandria’s identity and cultural, social, and economic vitality. To accomplish this mission, the Arts Commission administers City grant funds and arts programs; advises City Council on policy, funding and development needs for the arts; collaborates with partners on initiatives that further the development of, and participation in, the arts; and generally advocates for the arts.

The Arts Commission is composed of 16 citizen volunteers appointed to a three-year term by the Mayor and City Council. Meetings are held atΒ Β  7 pm on the third Tuesday of the month at the Dr. Oswald Durant Memorial Center at 1605 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA. All meetings are open to the public. (description from

Informal description:

This means that all of the hard work I put into helping to keep literary arts alive in the City of Alexandria has extended past events and networking. I have worked my way into the rooms where arts decisions are made. I am elated about this opportunity. The Arts Commissioners are wonderful people who have welcomed me into the arts community in Alexandria with open arms. I want to schedule an appointment with the city council just to ask for permission to hug each of them.

Pura Vida,


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