My Love Note to New…

December 15, 2011, the post in the “Regret Nothing | Write Everything” Facebook group was Today’s interaction: If you were to write a love note to your partner, spouse, or friend. What would it say?

In response was a love note to new….

Dear New,

Optimism is  our daily dose of reality.
Intoxicating embraces chased by maturity.
I have never been sure of the definitions of love.
I have never been sure of the definitions of friendship.
never been sure of the purpose of defining intangible things,
yet humanity is obsessed with giving this feeling a label,
so let’s do that.
Let’s call this,
the evidence of novelty.
the corridor to the next room.
the space between yesterday and forever.
Let’s just be new.

you arrived 12am after old,
grinned and hugged my human nature.
I confess,
I was surprised.
I let old stay 2 hours too long.
let the half-moon light my window
but like a shift in tide,
rocked my whole notes,
played a jig on flat lines.
made the ocean flip on its head.
new knowing each other.

you are too good to be true,
because life says nothing that is truth can ever be too good.
however, I would be lying to myself if I ever claimed this as bad.
every thing real remains unpredictable.
I can’t caution myself against something I can’t predict.
so I wish upon lucky nights for good mornings with you.
Old gets older by the minute
and my new gets newer by the second.

ps. this means I like you a lot.

Pura Vida,

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