13 years ago tomorrow

13 years ago tomorrow i was 17 and one day away from being a teen mom. I was overdue to have a baby girl who would later be named Imani Bell. My labor was set to be induced 12/31/98 and just like every other pregnant woman checking into a hospital that day I wanted to have the first baby of the year. The person who has the first baby of the year gets some ridiculous prizes.

13 years ago tomorrow i was 9 months pregnant and my dad hadn’t spoken to me since I was about 3 months pregnant (we lived in the same house). This was one if the most difficult periods in my life. My mother were the hands on my back patting, pushing, and just holding me up. If it was not for her I would not be the woman I am today. After checking into the hospital AJ (Imani’s dad), my mom and I just waited around in my hospital room for something grand to happen. The nurse injected the inducing medicine into my IV. We were on to anticipating me in pain. However, the greatest pain felt that night was seeing my dad enter my hospital room, say a few words to my mom, and leave. When I saw him walk in I got excited! I don’t even think he said hello. I was hurt. In fact in some ways I think I kinda still am. Life goes on and my dad was not the most important thing that night.

13 years ago tomorrow at 10 something pm the doctor walked in, stood at my bedside and informed me that my daughter’s heart rate was dropping and I was going to have to have a cesarean I immediately burst into tears. He looked at me sideways and bluntly asked “what are you crying for.” I sniffed and replied “because I don’t want to have a c-section.” I mean dude I’m 17 (lol). He treated me like I was being ridiculous.

13 years ago tomorrow at 11 something pm my life was no longer my own to disrupt. I now had a baby girl, Imani Onye Bell….


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