Heartless Behavior…The Selfish Cousin Story


My daughter, Imani Bell, is totally in love with this group of young boys called “Mindless Behavior.” She did not inform me until the last-minute that they were coming this way and she wanted to go to the concert. There was a concert on December 30th in Greensboro, NC and on December 31st in Norfolk, VA. My daughter’s birthday is Dec. 31st. This would have been the ultimate birthday gift! On Christmas day in North Carolina I was asking my cousins if anyone was available to take her to either concert I would be willing to pay for their ticket. If anyone was available to take her to the one in Norfolk I would be willing to help pay for whatever it would take to get her there.

My cousin then begins explaining to the family in the room at the time that she is now a “wish grantor” for the “Make A Wish” Foundation and will be attending the Mindless Behavior concert on Friday in Greensboro, NC with a child is a part of the foundation. She explained that the child had a 5 months to live and her wish was to meet Mindless Behavior. I was like wow! That’s awesome that she will actually get to meet them. The conversation continued into her voicing that she wanted to take her daughter and couldn’t because as a wish grantor this is not allowed. I informed her that I would pay for her ticket if she would take my daughter to the one in Norfolk the next day. We began an exciting conversation of how we could get both her daughter and mine to the concert. She would only have to pay for one ticket because I would pay for the other. I also agreed to pay half or for all of a rental car for them. We began looking up ticket prices and rental cars. The concert in Norfolk was completely sold out.


On Imani’s birthday, she appeared to be more sad than happy. Since her birthday is during the holiday season she had her birthday sleepover a week prior to her actual birthday. She said that she felt like she wanted to do something special for her birthday. Being that she had the sleepover early it felt like there was no celebration on her actual birthday. She cried on and off all day. I explained to her that the Mindless Behavior tickets were sold out and we would do our best to try and find another one of their concerts to attend. We went out to eat with family for her birthday and chilled out together at my mom’s house for NYE. She eventually became happier once we were around family.


While Imani is somewhat depressed on her birthday my cousin and her daughter drive all the way from Durham, NC to Norfolk, VA and attend the Mindless Behavior concert without even calling us. BUT WAIT…the concert was sold out…how did this happen?

1. Friday, December 30th said cousin arrives at Mindless Behavior concert as a wish grantor for dying child

2. They spend time with Mindless Behavior before their concert.

3. My cousin says to the manager ” I know my daughter is mad at me right now because she wanted to be here.” He replies, “Well we have a concert tomorrow in Norfolk” She says “yea I know but it’s sold out” He says “If you guys come I will let you in”

My cousin said nothing to us about this. Just so happened that she told my mom a week later or we would not have known. My mom did not want to tell me because she knew I would be upset, but she did and I am. That’s fucked up.

My issue with this is…

1. I sparked the concert conversation on Christmas day. She didn’t even know of a concert in Norfolk until then.

2. I volunteered to pay for her ticket and half on a rental car therefore this was very important to my daughter.

3. If it were me I would have textd her from backstage like “Shelly! Get imani ready we are going to the Norfolk concert!”

4. I feel like it was selfish to not even call and tell us.

5. You mean to tell me she drove all the way from the state she lives in to the state that I live in to attend a concert I asked her to take my daughter to, got in for free with her daughter and couldn’t even call us? WOW!

Our family is considered to be close-knit. All I could do when my mom told me is go WOOOOW!! This affects my daughter much more than it affects me, however I realize that my family is changing. We are not as close as we used to be. Not as close as my grandmother probably hoped we’d stay after she passed. I am still like “WOW, really? that’s how we do now? O aight.”

At the end of the day that was fucked up…Imani’s feelings are hurt and so are mine, but a selfish person could careless about anyone but themselves. This most definitely causes a separation amongst us. It’s not about the concert really, it’s principality! She couldn’t even just call and tell us though? WOW! smh.


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  1. That is so sorry and yes we have not been as close as we need to be. To the best of my ability and with the help of GOD I will change it back to the way we use to be.

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