Just Called To Say I Love You

A few weeks ago in a blog post about how much I miss my grandma I wrote about an Aunt who disagrees with my sexual preference for religious reasons. I detailed an experience where my girlfriend at the time, Mary Bowman, traveled with me to Durham, North Carolina. We had been to Durham plenty of times, yet I had never taken her around my family. At this point my family knew of my decision to date women mainly because of social media. My family is large but the word spreads like wild-fire. As soon as one person sees someone else’s post they will call their parent or closest cousin to say “did you see what…said on Facebook.”

Anyway, after we visited my aunt’s house Mary tells me that my aunt gave her a nasty look. I didn’t want to believe it but it was confirmed by my other aunt a few weeks later. This Nasty look thing happened a while back and since then I have gotten over it. I decided to just brush it off and keep it moving by keeping my distance. I figure if God is going to judge and punish me why settle for the judgment and punishment of humans as my fate. Since God obviously doesn’t think like us I would rather just let God decide. Well, last night my aunt called me and said the best thing she could have ever said….”I apologize, I am not ready to accept your lifestyle, but I love you.” It was like birds started chirping and the sky moved from dusk to dawn in a lifetime. I appreciated this so much. It was the moment that I needed from her. It was the “chile don’t worry about that” that I couldn’t hear from my grandmother. I told her how much I appreciated that and that I loved her back. The conversation ended there. No explanation of why I chose this or why she didn’t like that. It was the peace that passeth all understanding. Forgiveness and love at it’s best. The beat goes on, but this time it’s more melody then single instrument.

Pura Vida,

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2 thoughts on “Just Called To Say I Love You

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  1. My Lovely niece, no matter who you date I will always LOVE YOU. You have done so much to make me so proud of you. When I first heard, I said to myself oh well. You are right only GOD can judge you no one else. Keep your head up and your eye on the prize. I can only remember when I told all of my nieces that. You are a Queen and no mater what, let no man or any one bring you down or treat you bad. So I say continue to be the Queen that you are and I LOVE YOU.

    The Best,
    Uncle Kevin

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