1. February 4th

2. Alexandria Arts Commission

3. East of Beautiful

4. Apple & Android Apps

5. Slam Alexandria

6. Blogger at heart

7. New Projects underway!



Last year I turned 30. I became an adult! ha! Come join me in celebrating my one year anniversary of adulthood! My feature and birthday celebration will be in Philadelphia, PA on Feb. 4, 2012 at “A Poet Gallery” hosted by Philly’s own phenomenal poet Ms. Wise. Doors open at 8:30pm. After my birthday feature DJ Heat of WPGC’s morning show with Free will be your guide to two stepping and booty shaking for the rest of the evening. For more information visit the Facebook invite click “Upcoming Events” on or email me at

2. Alexandria Arts Commissioner 

On or about December 13, 2011 I was voted in as an Arts Commissioner for the City of Alexandria, VA. The arts commission is a group of 16 individuals with a variety of experiences in different art areas. These 16 people act as the liasion between city council and the arts community. The arts commissioners have welcomed me with open arms and I am looking forward to all of the great things in store for arts in Alexandria. View video of Shelly Bell getting voted in as an Arts Commissioner

3. Look Ma! I’m in a band now!!

Yes! I have joined East of Beautiful! We are a band of individual artists who bring all of our talents together to create “East of Beautiful.” We maintain our separate artists identities until our energy is merged into one during jam sessions and soon ON STAGE! I will perform one piece with the band for the first time at Slam Alexandria on Jan. 20th. My first full performance with the band will be MY BIRTHDAY!! East of Beautiful will rock out on February 4th in Philly! You should be there.

4. Did you get that app?

You can now follow all of my random artsy happenings more easily via mobile phone. “I Am Shelly Bell?” yes…I have an app for that! Click the image below to download the Apple or Android app. Both are available and waiting to hear from you! It’s FREE which makes it even more worthwhile!

Link to app


5. Slam Alexandria

On January 20, 2012 you will be able to participate as a poet, judge, or rowdy audience member in SLAM ALEXANDRIA! Poetry slam is a competition in which poets have 3mins and 10secs to perform an original poem. They are scored by 5 random members of the audience from 0-10 olympic style. At Slam Alexandria the audience gets in free! Poets pay $10 to participate in the slam to win 1st place $100, 2nd place $50 or 3rd place $25.

Why is Slam Alexandria such a big deal?

*It will be held at the historically prestigous Athenaeum

*This is the beginning of building a literary program in the city that focuses on competitive creative writing as a means  of increasing literacy and engagement in literary art.

*As the program builds over the course of this year Slam Alexandria will possibly be represented at the annual National  Poetry Slam next year wherein teams of poets from all overthe country gather and compete as representatives of their  city.

*East of Beautiful will be opening the show at 7pm

*I will be hosting!

*You will be there!

6. I’m a web logger

The term blog came from combining the two words “web” and “log.” A blog is a log, journal, or diary type of writing on the web. As of the last month I have come to take blogging more seriously. I have a lot on my mind that I need to get off and on to someone else’s mind. Read a few of the posts and consider following my blog by visiting If you download the Apple or Android app you will have instant access to all blog posts, videos, pictures and more.

7. Super woman shoots again

I am working on a few creative projects that involve photography and videography. I am always exploring a new way to give you a visual understanding of my freedom of thought and expression. Sometimes it is difficult to explain the creativity flowing through my heart therefore I have decided to make my thoughts more visual. For a listing of all of the upcoming projects visit my website at click “New Projects.” Check out the newly released Intimate Friends Project .

Thank you for reading! I hope to see you soon.


and as always remember…

Regret Nothing | Write Everything™


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