Soul Sessions

Somewhere around October 2010 I started a writing circle at my house called “Soul Sessions.” The idea came from the thought that we as poets perform around each other all of the time but we rarely get to write around each other unless we’re on a slam team. We have been going a year strong and Soul Sessions now travels from home to home of community members allowing flexibility in location and invitees.

Last night we kicked off the year strong with the first Soul Sessions of 2012 hosted by Valerie Chepp. Each host gets to put their own stamp on Soul Sessions wherein they get to invite their friends, provide their favorite foods, and come up with a writing prompt. Valerie’s prompt was geared toward writing with a partner and receiving feedback from the group. The partner writing went as follows:

  1. Write two of your positive traits and two of your negative traits
  2. Write 3 images that come to mind when you think of each trait
  3. Share your traits with your partner
  4. Write their traits and 3 images for that come to mind for each of their traits.
  5. Using the traits and images listed imagine they create one person
  6. Use this person as a muse for a poem or short story BUT we could not use the actual word for the trait. We could use the images, but not the actual trait.

This opened up a realm of imagination I did not foresee. Β Jill Scott’s Pandora station was vibrating in the background while the veggie pot stickers, popcorn, chocolate chip cookies and half full wine glasses made for the ultimate creative ambience.Β After writing, each person shared their with the whole group and we had a feedback session for each person. During the feedback session we tried to figure which traits the partners had written about each other. The conversations inspired by the poems ranged from being detached from emotions to reality vs. fantasy. The friendly conversation continued into the night. We ended with hugs and words of encouragement.

We will see everybody next month Feb. 11th hosted by Deneice Pope (Petworth station) with an erotic theme! Tis the moth of love! Bring your imagination and creativity.

Pura Vida,

Shelly Bell

Regret Nothing | Write Everything


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