Slam Alexandria

A promoter once said to me “when you have worked hard to put an event together, then the day of the event you look out into a packed room and realize that all of those people are there because of your hard work…there’s nothing like it!” He has never been more right. When I looked into the audience at Slam Alexandria last night I almost shed a tear! The Northern VA Fine Arts Association is an awesome organization of great people. They welcomed Slam Alexandria with smiling faces and open arms.

3pm- I was getting my hair done while handling some drama. All week I had been super excited about Slam Alexandria then opposing forces throw up potential road blocks in my energy.

4pm- I get over it as best I can for the moment. Fall asleep until my hair is complete.

5pm-a poet texts me and asks me to pick her up. My energy level begins to rise again. I am excited! I’ve double checked on the equipment for the musician, out-of-town poets were making their way up, and everything is a go!

6pm-I’m supposed to be at the venue. The poet who said she would be at the train station at 6pm is running a little behind. The band is setting up, the out-of-town poets have arrived, my special helper (Bea) has arrived and everyone is like “where is Shelly?”

Well, I know that I am usually late so I scheduled the band at 7pm therefore allowing me time to get there by 8pm for the slam. My mentor and artistic consultant Dasan Ahanu was not buying that reasoning. It’s true! I have to set myself up for success by recognizing the person that I am.

7pm-the poet arrives at the train station. I zoom over to The Athenaeum (venue). The room was filling up fast. Everybody is like “where’s Shelly?”

7:25-found parking, jogged up the street in heels, made into the building and their were barely any seats. The band was rocking out like I knew they would!

Somewhere around 8pm- East of Beautiful, the band which I am now a part of, peer pressured me into doing the song I didn’t want to do, but I DID IT! Now my band cherry has been popped and I am ready to get live on stage! I was so nervous, my mom was right in front of me, Dasan (my mentor and everything else great) was like three rows back. I enjoyed it. The energy of performing with a band is like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

The rest of the night was one amazing moment after the other. Every time I got to the mic to announce the next poet during the first round one or two people were entering the venue. We ran out of chairs. This was exactly the way I envisioned it in meditation. Part of my preparation for an awesome event is throwing that energy out to the universe and believing it will boomerang back. The creator hasn’t failed me yet. I ask for great events with great people wherein somebody will walk away wondering when this experience will happen again. For those who asked the question of when this event will happen again MARK YOUR CALENDARS April 13, 2012, live band at 7pm, slam starts at 8pm, cash prizes, cash bar. Be there!

Pura Vida,
Shelly Bell


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