Poems inspired by Classical Pieces

I have been invited to write a poem or story inspired by a classical piece and to have a talk with the audience about the poem before the piece is performed at an orchestra concert in February. Below is a video an orchestra playing “Bob Mintzer – Rhythm of the Americas I.”

Below is the poem inspired by Bob Mintzer – Rhythm of the Americas I

The American Moth Story By Shelly Bell

i cocoon burst;
furry body brown into winged pranced night flight;
daisies project yellow skylights;
clouds reflect pixie dust stepping-stones,
the ladybugs line up like red carpet.


my feathery antennas paint silly faces on the moon.
no more creeping,
no more crawling,
no more slinky caterpillar stalling.

i feel a mountain top away from the ground;
gulping the wind,
colorless and flat winged by birthright.
iย am sister to beauty at first flap.
look at me now worms!

humans shake their empty heads saying “you’re no butterfly!
i flutter around their swatting egos.
Mama says:
“never envy what you’re not,
humans just wish they could fly.
hold your wings up high,
for your ancestors have existed 100 million years longer than beauty.”

everything man-made is subject to man’s break.
her pride smiles me into faith,
flight makes me kin to eagles.
bring me the world and I will soar right through it.
I carry the beat in my wings,
a bouquet of saxophones in my heart,
and belief in a God that knows how to orchestrate freedom.

Be at the concert for the poem talk! Visit the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic Association website for info.ย http://www.wmpamusic.org/html/performances/phil.html

Pura Vida,
Shelly Bell

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