Awesome UPDATE!!

Today is awesome because…

It’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK! That’s right! February 4, 2012 is my birthday but I am celebrating all week.


  • to Angel G. a childhood friend who sponsored an awesome tattoo and visit to NC last weekend.
  • to DJ Heat who is sponsoring A gift a day for 7 days up until my birthday!
  • to my friend Alejaibra who is going to do something special like for me tomorrow!
  • to my bestie Sharita who asked for my address today so is most likely going to send me a birthday card that I am going to absolutely LOVE!
  • to my friend Tony who is taking me to dinner on Sunday when I return from Philly.

I’ve sold over 160 books this quarter!

I was just informed by my publisher Asta Publication (awesomeness) that I have sold over 160 books this quarter!! This is great news to get on my birthday week! Check out the “Products” page here by clicking umm who wudda guessed it…PRODUCTS! (at the top of the site)

You can be in Philly WITH ME!

LIVE is best but streaming will do! If you can’t make it to Philly this week to celebrate my birthday with me you can see the performance online from the comfort of your own home by clickingย . I recommend you bookmark the site so that you will easily be able to navigate to it on Thursday!


Since it’s my birthday and my favorite number is 7 I will be giving away 7 copies of my new CD to each night I perform in Philly to random people in the audience! This CD is unique because it will have a special bonus track on it! Can’t tell you what the track is yet…

I have An APP for that!

Get the I AM SHELLY BELL app for your Apple or Android devices absolutely free! Get updates before the rest of the world. See fun videos and creative pics! Read cool ass blogpost about random ish that Shelly Bell thinks! Search for “I Am Shelly Bell” in your app gallery or download it by clicking hereย

That is all for now! Follow this blog by clicking the “follow this blog” button on the right side of your screen.

Pura Vida,

Shelly Bell


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