Jumpstart Talk: Are you Goaltending?

Goaltending is a basketball violation wherein a defensive player interferes with a shot on its way into the basket. “On its way” is defined by the arc in which the basketball is just over the rim or basket itself. This is kinda tricky because it’s ok to block the shot inches away from the rim as long as it is not on its way into the basket. The distance between the basket and the ball define whether or not the defensive player is goaltending. Goaltending is not defined by the distance between the defensive hand and the basket nor the defensive hand and the ball.

Imagine that your goals are the ball and achieving them is the basket. Ask yourself are you goaltending? Are you violating your own right to be successful? If you answer questions about your art, brand, goals, or success with:

  • Yea, he/she did it, but I am just not that great.
  • I could never look at myself and go “I am the greatest of all time.”
  • Nobody will want to read this book or view my art it’s just my personal stuff.
  • I don’t have the money to do that.
  • I’m just human, my work is just “OK.”
  • I tried it, didn’t work, ah well, maybe it’s just not for me.

It is quite possible that you are the defensive hand blocking your own shot at achieving your goals. The only way to change a thing is to change it. The only way to achieve a goal is to never give up on it. A business owner said to me once “businesses don’t fail, the owners give up on them.” I thought “wow, that’s so true.” However, the safe phrase to explain all possibility of failure is “that’s easier said than done.” My response to that is “Doing has never been a matter of re-doing, but getting the next thing done.” Make every task whether new or old appear to be a new task by thinking of a new way to get it done. A common test taking strategy is to read all of the questions and answer the one’s you’re sure about first. Students who can grasp this don’t let the hard questions take up all of their time. Hard is that defensive hand. Achievement is not a matter of how closer your goals are to hard nor how close hard is to the achievement. Achievement is first a matter of whether or not you can see you violating you, call it what it is, and stop it.

In basketball you prevent goaltending by recognizing it’s a violation that can costs you points, then consciously preventing yourself from doing it. However, in the heat of the moment you may get so anxious or frustrated with losing, that your defensive hand goes up without control. In that moment you fall back to your feet, suffer the consequences and keep playing. It would be ridiculous for a basketball player to give up on playing the game because he/she lost a few points. You play until the end. There will be other games therefore even amongst the rankings and championships you keep looking forward to the next game. You get in the game, get determined to make baskets and eventually you find that goaltending is a rarity in your season. You find that you have less violations of self. You find that this has caused you to be a better player or to recognize that you were an awesome player the entire time. Goaltending is less serious in basketball than it is in life.

Jumpstart this week with a new outlook on vocabulary. Instead of committing “goaltending” the violation commit to “goal tending” the action of caring for the achievement of your goals. Get out-of-the-way of yourself. Think, plan, create.

Pura Vida,
Shelly Bell


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