Jumpstart Talk: 5 Ways to Live a WYSIWYG Lifestyle

What you see is what you Get (WYSIWYG)

In the world of web development the acronym “WYSIWYG” pronounced “wizzy-wig” stands for “what you see is what you get.” This means that the interface being used to develop a document or page allows you to see something very similar to the actual page you are developing. You don’t have to spend your time writing HTML code, the programming interface creates the code for you. Computers are programmed by people to be more “people-like” but we rarely visit exactly how these things could relate to our lives as people vs. our cyborg lives. How does the concept “WYSIWYG” apply to life? Living a WYSIWYG lifestyle means having a clear view of the things you perceive. It means you see things just as they are. Our reasoning gets in the way of that therefore leaving us with a clouded view of how and why our situations have less than favorable outcomes. Being able to check your perception for truth is the key to a sane reality.

5 Steps to living a WYSIWYG Lifestyle

1. Find a balance in asking questions and finding factual answers about yourself. There are things that others can see about us that we can’t see. This is not because it is impossible to see yourself, but because we question ourselves then leave the questions unanswered. Why is your favorite color red? Why don’t you eat certain foods? Why don’t you go to the doctor? Why do you cringe at the sound of bags crackling? What have you been silent about? Why have you been so silent about certain things? Make a list. Speak outΒ loud to yourself and answer yourself. Call on friends and family to help. Getting to know the why of your intricate self will improve self-image and self-confidence.

2. Think twice about reasoning through things that don’t affect your life. If Susie wears mix match socks to work and you get annoyed by people with mix matched socks decide WYSIWYG! You see Susie, you get Susie. You don’t see Susie and get what you like or want Susie to be. The same applies to absent fathers, overbearing mothers, cheating boyfriends, lazy children, etc. Realize that you do not have to associate the reasons these people are who they are with your mental or emotional state. It would be ideal to have the storybook dad, however, once you are old enough to realize you have choice, consider your reasoning for interacting with everyone including family. Your separation or cling to an individual should not be based on malice, regret, or a need to punish. Ask the hard questions, get the harsh answers (even “I don’t know” can be a harsh answer), make peace and live with the truth you are able to find. Let the truth that you cannot find remain un-found, but not without first attempting to discover it.

“When someone shows you who they really are believe them THE FIRST TIME” -Maya Angelou

“After believing the person for who they are, address them accordingly which includes being at peace with not addressing certain pieces of them.” -Shelly Bell

3. Do you have S.M.A.R.T. goals….Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Time-Bound goals or D.U.M.B. goals…Daring, Unattainable, Motivating, Bold goals. Either could be best for you. You have to decide. S.M.A.R.T. goals are most likely to be achieved whereas D.U.M.B. goals are more likely to continue to be goals a little while longer. Sometimes goals become overwhelming. Sometimes goals become driven by a need to have them vs. a desire to achieve them. Whether SMART or DUMB you are the reflection of the goals you set. The goals are not a reflection of the you that you will be. Yes you will be different or may have think differently to achieve your goals, but don’t focus on the difference as much as you focus on the achievements.

4. Stop viewing your life as a matter of either faith or fate. Faith is your belief in things you hope will happen. Fate is your belief that what has happened or what will happen is what is supposed to happen. Goals are things you specifically takes steps toward making happen. Faith in yourself as the fate of your goals is the best step toward a WYSIWYG lifestyle. Faith and fate go hand in hand and can sometimes appear to be working against each other. The best thing to do is to believe in yourself and let fate be what fate will. That’s the definition of fate! Stop trying to define fate by the amount of faith you have. “Now” is all you have. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is what you imagine it can be simply because tomorrow hasn’t happened yet.

5. Take notes from rappers. Every rapper that bursts from some corner of an urban cocoon speaks about themselves and their art as if they are the best thing since sliced bread. However, closely observe the actions of those who never become what they think or say they are vs. the actions of those who become exactly what they think or say they are.

For example, take the quote “So you think, so you act, so you feel, so you are.”

“So you think” is the first phrase in the quote yet “so you act” is probably the most important. At the same time “so you feel” reflects in “so you act.”


What you see = so you think

is = so you feel

What you get = so you act

Result = so you are

Perception involves awareness and understanding. Seeing is not perceiving. Perceiving goes further than seeing. Some rappers see large audiences, half-naked women, alcohol promos and videos then perceive this as their actual life. In reality, they are in loads of debt to record companies and don’t own ANYTHING! What’s even more interesting is whoever controls perception controls the money they earn as well as the money they owe. Truth is your responsibility. Be responsible for seeing what you’re getting. Match what you see with what you perceive and you are sure to get what you see.

Any Questions?

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Pura Vida,

Shelly Bell


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