100 Things I’ve Achieved #DayZeroProject

As  part of my Day Zero Project 101 Things in 1001 Days I wrote a list of 100 things I’ve achieved. I made this list a part of the Day Zero Project because I don’t give myself enough credit. In fact I don’t give myself credit for anything. Now that I have listed 100 things I have achieved I realize that I have achieved a hell of a lot and I have lots to be proud of. GO ME!!!

Here’s the list!!

  1. Learned to walk
  2. Learned to talk
  3. Learned to play the saxophone
  4. Made the honor roll in grade school
  5. Learned to ride a bike
  6. learned to roller skate
  7. Learned to write my name
  8. Learned to write my name in cursive
  9. Learned to write a check
  10. Got my first job (at McDonald’s)
  11. Learned to drive
  12. Learned to parallel park
  13. Passed the driver’s test
  14. Got my driver’s license
  15. Graduated from pre-school
  16. Graduated from Elementary School
  17. Graduated from Middle School
  18. Graduated from College
  19. Got accepted into Grad School
  20. Got my first apartment
  21. Birthed a daughter
  22. Birthed a son
  23. Learned to write a check
  24. Got my first apartment alone at 22
  25. Learned to drive a stick
  26. Purchased my first car
  27. Wrote a book
  28. Published a book
  29. Recorded a poetry cd
  30. Made my poetry cd available on iTunes
  31. Performed in front of over 200 people
  32. Performed at colleges
  33. Completed a poetry tour
  34. Made a slam team
  35. Competed in the National Poetry Slam (NPS)
  36. Made it to the semi-finals (NPS)
  37. Lived with a host family in another country
  38. Took Spanish classes in Spanish immersion
  39. Loc’d my hair
  40. Lost 30 pounds
  41. Ran a 5k
  42. Was interviewed twice on WHUR
  43. Wrote a song for a celebrity
  44. Wrote a song with a celebrity
  45. Participated in a studio recording session with a celebrity
  46. Recorded a drop for 4 djs (two of which are very popular)
  47. Had the drop I recorded used on a syndicated show
  48. Got a government job
  49. Moved to another state
  50. Received my teaching license from VA
  51. Served as department chair of the Business department at TC WIlliams HS
  52. Quit my job to be a full-time artist
  53. Became an Arts Commissioner for the City of Alexandria
  54. Started an arts organization
  55. Created and promoted ongoing poetry events
  56. Facilitated my own social media classes
  57. Acquired social media clients
  58. Won a slam (Bull City Slam)
  59. Featured/performed at just about every ongoing poetry event in the DMV
  60. Featured at 9 on the 9th (Busboys and Poets exclusive event by Derrick Weston Brown)
  61. Performed as a part of The Dirt Church (exclusive event by Lamar Hill)
  62. Featured at Warm Wednesdays (the longest running poetry event in Baltimore)
  63. Been mentored by an internationally known Slam champion and HBO def poet.
  64. Started the poetry club at TC Williams HS
  65. Rode in a hot air balloon
  66. Acquired a computer programming teaching position as a computer scientist
  67. Won a National Underground Spokenword Award for Best Female Performer
  68. Became a member of the Grammy organization
  69. Taught a child to speak
  70. Taught a child to write
  71. Taught a child their colors
  72. Taught a child their name
  73. Taught a child to crawl
  74. Taught a child to walk
  75. Taught a child to microwave food
  76. Taught a child to pour milk into a bowl to make cereal (5yrs old)
  77. Made the dean’s list
  78. Designed a logo for an organization
  79. Got a tattoo
  80. Started a blog
  81. Participated in a nude photo shoot
  82. Participated in a short film in which I was completely nude in a forest
  83. Completed a secrets video (http://youtu.be/WZXnSpyEIv4)
  84. Got my passport
  85. Purchased a brand new car
  86. Graduated from high school on time after having a child at 17
  87. Graduated from college on time after having one child in high school and one in college
  88. Cooked an entire Christmas dinner
  89. Made a cake from scratch
  90. Sold over 500 copies of “All Women are Stupid Sometimes”
  91. Create a writing and animation program (Write-Amation)
  92. Piloted “Write-Amation”
  93. Acquired over 1, 000 twitter followers
  94. Create successful interactive on and offline groups of people
  95. Performed a poem written for my grandmother at her wake in honor of her life.
  96. Produce my own poetry festival
  97. Nominated for Best Spokenword artists in the DMV Awards (2011)
  98. Nominated for best Community Oriented Poet (NUSAPA 2011)
  99. Hosted a rack of events in various areas including open mics, slams, and showcases.
  100. Got accepted into grad school at the University of Denver University College

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