Morning page

The morning page = writing an entire page of whatever comes to mind upon waking up. Putting the pen to page or fingers to keyboard and writing non-stop until you’ve reached a page. The writer does not go back and edit the “morning page” all spelling and grammatical errors are forgiven because this is a total freedom of expression.

Today’s morning page…

I read somewhere that as a healthy psychological practice you should wake up every morning and write a full page of whatever is on your mind before speaking. This actually works especially for a person like me who is always thinking even in my sleep. I am going to try to do this every day for at least a month. I am in a place of soul-searching. In order to soul search I actually have to start sifting through my soul a little. These morning writing exercises will help me do that. I have already failed at the task of not speaking before writing because I speak about 3 times when I wake up. I yell to my kids “good morning little children.” I speak to the scale “hmm so this great/bad, welp.” Then I speak to myself in the mirror most really quickly while washing my hands “these locs are so frizzy! I do/don’t feel slim today.”

When I yell to the kids they yell back “good morning mom!.” The scale just usually blinks blank after showing me I am obese and the mirror…well the mirror…hmm..Mirrors are an interesting concept. They reflect but they don’t echo. They just give me image and not sound. At least I don’t think so. I need to research this. Imagine that everything you say to your mirror is not only reflected in an image but in a sound. This would mean that you would actually be talking to your image or your image would be talking to you. Like me looking in the mirror saying “these locs are frizzy” and my reflection would still be saying “frizzy frizzy frizzy” two seconds after I’ve finished talking! That sounds like some weird sci-fi movie. BUT maybe this would help build self-confidence or at least identify where we are tearing ourselves down. If a woman said to this mirror “i am fat” the mirror would say “I I am am fat fat fat…” and she would be right there listening to her own voice. Maybe then she (I) would become more conscious of what she’s doing to herself. hmmm….that’s interesting. Maybe I should invent something like that.

I am always looking to invent something even if it’s reinventing myself. Well as this morning page comes to a close I plan to workout today, eat at least 1490 calories, read a book, write something new, and celebrate something.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned!

Pura Vida,


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