Thank you for following thus far. I am honored to have you as a reader. The blog is going so well that I’ve decided to brand it all it’s own (apart from Shelly Bell the artist). I would greatly appreciate it if you would follow the new blog “The Open Onion” at This is also a wordpress blog and will only take a second for you to click follow!

So what’s the new blog about???

The Open Onion Blog is an opinion blog which answers the question WTF??? using educated opinions on art, health, sex, lifestyles, design, and pop culture. Tag line: “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and have the right to use it as they please!”

I am sure you will enjoy the open onion blog just as much as you have enjoyed this one. After-all I am still the person behind the opinions. šŸ™‚

Take a second….go there now and click follow! Ā


Pura Vida,

Shelly Bell


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