Sometimes I get ahead of myself…

When I get bored I start new stuff. So I started a new blog at then I got tired of that so now I am canceling it! Crazy right! I just want to thank all of the fans and followers connected to me and my ADHD! At least you can say I will keep it interesting for you. The kicker is that all of this changing and sparking of new random ideas is my true life! Basically I am writing this post as a goodbye to “The Open Onion” for now. Starting today I will be focusing all blog posts at If you are receiving this message you either have the mobile app or are following some blog of mine.

If you’re not following the “I Am Shelly Bell” blog go to and click follow! If you have a Apple or Android device and do not have the app you can download it by clickingย or search for I Am Shelly Bell in your app store. When I start rearranging things you can always count on me planning something exciting. The shutting down of “The Open Onion” most definitely is the opening up of a new thing that you will find out by continuing to follow

Thank you being here!




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