Kanye West defining “dyke” that’s that sh*t I don’t like!

If you are a Hip-Hop fan in the 20th Century it is inevitable that you will be force fed “ratchedness” (all things ignorant or pertaining to ridiculous stereotypes of urban life).

In a Hip-Hop song that is totally unnecessary to hear, Kanye West spits lyrics he deems necessary to be heard. “That Shit I Don’t Like” is an original rap song by 17 year old Chicago rapper Chief Keef adapted by Kanye West. The remix includes Pusha T, Big Sean, Chief Keef, Jada Kiss and Kanye West. The context of the song is related to “hood” realities of male ego battles explaining that being a snitch, a bitch or a “sneak disser” (whatever that means) is unfavorable.

Kanye played the big brother card with adapting the song of a 17 year old then mainstreaming it as if it was his song. It is equivalent of big business acquiring a small business under the premise of making them their version of “better.” The original song is solely about one man not liking behaviors of other men. Somehow Kanye West found it fitting to add the line “girls kissing girls, cuz it’s hot right, but unless they use a strap on then they not dykes. They ain’t about that life….” Rappers decide to poke fun at the LGBT community when the rhyme fits the beat. Their insults are usually far outside of the song context and uncalled for. In my opinion it makes them feel relevant as if they’re using a news story in a verse. I get annoyed by artists who approach my sexuality as if they’re distasteful commentary is warranted or important.

  1. Girls kissing girls are just girls kissing girls. There are many instances where girls in night clubs or truth/dare or college campuses or experimental teens kiss girls. This doesn’t make them anything other than girls kissing girls. Intelligent people know that homosexuality is not purely behavioral. It is an attraction to the same sex. Not sex as in sexual behavior but sex as in gender.
  2. Kanye refers to the action of kissing girls as “cuz it’s hot right” as if it is a fad. This is a display of the heteronormative thought that being homosexual is something that various people in the world are currently trying on for size. The fact of the matter is that we were always here, just not allowed to be as free about it. If you’re homosexual then you’re homosexual. Contrary to popular belief it’s not something we always need to prove by a focus of publicly pushing it into the face of America’s most ignorant men.
  3. The word “dyke” is an offensive term for lesbian. This has nothing to do with the  type of sex toy or performance tool used to enhance the nature of a sexual experience. It seems that Kanye has been taught that females who strap on are standing in the position of a man’s therefore the word “dyke” encompasses his disdain for this action. This is a stereotypical uneducated opinion that he should save for the contradictory offensive song about how he likes lesbians but hates “dykes” not the one about snitches and sneak dissers.

Men often feel emasculated by the idea that a woman would want to have sex with another woman who straps up rather than with a man who has a penis. Here’s my “brick through the window of ignorance” message for Kanye West and those who ignorantly agree with him…there’s more to my sexuality than the absence or presence of your penis. Kanye West using the word dyke that’s that sh*t I don’t like!


Pics borrowed from webeengone.com and prefixmag.com.


3 thoughts on “Kanye West defining “dyke” that’s that sh*t I don’t like!

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  1. Fuck dat nigga he don’t no shit he need 2 mind his bizz an worry bout his girl unless he scared a bitch mite take his bitch hoe ass Nigga smh hate niggas like dat so dumb to the fact we people to bitch!!

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