New Video: So Over Weight & Cleva (Narcolepsy Poem)

This poem was challenging to write and even more challenging to put into video form. This poem is dedicated to anyone out there who has or understands the struggles of living with Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a neurological sleep disorder wherein the brain is unable to regulate sleep patterns. Narcolepsy affects my metabolism, the manner in which I fall asleep, and what happens while I am sleep. In the media Narcolepsy is often made fun of therefore the public often makes fun of it as well. However, it is no laughing matter. In this video my body language and facial expressions are happy. I am generally a happy person. However, Narcolepsy takes a toll on how I view myself. The pressure you feel when walking from one end of a pool of water to another is my regular life. In this poem I am open and honest about acknowledging Narcolepsy as a part of my life. I want the world to know that it is nothing to laugh about. The affect it has on consciousness is similar to drinking and driving. Sometimes you can make it, sometimes you make it home and wonder how the hell you didn’t hit someone. You wake up on the other end of a journey puzzled and groggy. This is my regular life. Welcome to my world.


Thank you for viewing and reading!




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