Top 5 “You Didn’t Have to Do that” Moments in Music this Quarter

Publicity stunts are a common method of gaining attention for the purposes of selling albums or pushing products. However, there are five identifiable times in the last quarter that Hip Hop & R&B artist have taken their stunts to a questionable level. These superstars are super in the eyes of those who like their music. Their personal choices are not so super at all in these five instances.

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5. Beyonce, did not have to call women b*tches or tell them to “bow down.” Let’s see, you blew the lights out at the Super Bowl, plastered your face on a Pepsi can and gave your usual generic self in an HBO special. Did you really need the attention from “bow down bitches?”


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4. Lil Wayne, did not need that last cup of lean. Dude, you have epilepsy. Admit it! By the way, your cups of lean must have leaned your lyrics because “I Am Not a Human Being II” is filled with ridiculous nonsensical metaphors. You used to be more crafty. Metaphors are great when clever else they are cheesy. You have always been the “shock-value” rapper. Lately, I have become less shocked and more appalled.

£££Justin Bieber-1736963

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3. Justin Bieber, you did not have to spit in a neighbor’s face, rough up a photographer, and try for the gangsta look. I get it! You’re trying to transition into adulthood while you’ve been viewed as little cool white kid with a middle school vibe. However, you have the opportunity to get features on grown-up music and not have to go to court for it! Try that!


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2. Jay Z, you did not have to mention Obama in your rhymes to make us see you as king. Who was your open letter to? We see you tail-wagging at the political events! We get it. You’ve been to the White House. Yippee! You’re a smart dude so either you’re about to use this as some type of platform or Obama has a trick up his sleeve. Either way the “politicians never done nothing for me” line was a bit of a stretch being that you’re all over the Obama campaign. You’re still a hood dude. You got something out of the deal. A trip to Cuba maybe?


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1. Rick Ross, you did not have to rape a woman in your verse. It’s not a line about rape, you reply? It’s not a line about rape it is rape! You live in a male dominant society where just about anything can fly out of your mouth about a woman. Well, anything except date rape dumbass! You will quickly be shown who’s the “bawse” when you decide to slip a woman molly then have sex with her without her knowing. You thought that was cool? Dude you had the Reebok deal on deck, Wale’s album about to drop, and a bunch of cool non-rape shit about to happen. Did you really need to do that?

Overall, these artists are talented in their own right. I am not sure what has them scrambling for attention, but it seems to be pretty damn important to them. Maybe even more important than the brands they have created or could create in the future.


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