CIC: Keep an Idea Journal

I am taking a free course via Coursera called “Creativity, Innovation, and Change (CIC).” In this course I will engage in research-based creative principles, then complete exercises to solidify what I’ve learned. All posts tagged with #CIC are a reflection on something I’ve learned in the course.

next-great-ideaThe concept of creative diversity teaches that everyone is creative in their own way. Creativity is not a streamlined group-think type of concept, but is unique to each person’s thought process. While some may choose to fully engage in the knowledge of how creative they can be, others are creative, but choose not to engage in it as a lifestyle of sorts. Regardless, of which path you’ve chosen an Idea Journal might just be the key to solving simple things like how to organize your sock drawer, how to budget the trip you want to take, or how to get all the parts of your life moving in the direction you want them to.

What’s an Idea Journal for anyway?
An idea journal is purposed with the responsibility of holding all the random solutions that come to mind. How many times have you thought about creating a product to make your life easier or adding an improvement to a product you use often? How many times have you reinvented a way to cook the most basic food? Your Idea Journal removes the jumbled phrases in your mind and puts them in a non-judgmental space until you are ready to visit them again.

What does an Idea Journal look like?
An Idea journal can be electronic or physical. It can be a collection of videos, voice notes, an actual notebook/journal, a binder, and/or online space. The journal should be convenient for your lifestyle. You should be able to grab the journal and record an idea without feeling like it’s a task to do so.

Who is an Idea Journal for?
Creative diversity teaches that creativity is for anyone, therefore ideas are unlimited. Everyone has ideas.

“I don’t need a journal for this! I don’t plan on doing anything creative!”
While this is a valid stance, the simple notion of clearing your mind of the creative thoughts that bombard you is enough to consider creating the journal. Who knows? Your ideas may be carried on by generations who will stumble upon the things you recorded but chose not to engage in. There’s something freeing about flushing ideas out of your mind. Why carry them around in your head when you have so many other things to think about?

“This is exactly what I need! How do I get started?”
The only way to start is to start. Select your journal medium (paper, voice notes, etc). Begin recording your ideas as soon as you have them. Do not feel pressure to revisit them. Not every idea will become a product. This journal will likely lead you to answering some of your own questions.

I am starting my Idea Journal today! TRY IT!


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