The Mike Brown Case: Eye-Witnesses vs. The Police Narrative

As the Mike Brown case develops, eye-witnesses have come forward and the police have finally released the name of the officer involved. In consuming and analyzing as much video footage as I can, it seems there are three eye-witnesses in particular playing a huge part in the narrative the police are publicizing. In this post I will analyze the accounts of the incident given by an anonymous YouTube user (AYT), Dorian Johnson, and Tiffany Mitchell as related to the narrative the police appear to be assembling. The following predictions are purely based on my analysis of the information given thus far.

Video from AYT

  • AYT’s description matches the surveillance video.
  • Brown is not at Quick Trip in the video.
  • AYT says that Brown was at Ferguson Market not Quick Trip.
  • Brown is wearing shorts and slides in the video as AYT describes.
  • Brown did grab cigarillos and walk out of the store in the surveillance video as AYT describes.
  • The police will use the surveillance to say that Brown was a suspect in a robbery case.
  • The police will use Brown being a suspect as reason for the forceful beginning interaction with the officer.
  • The surveillance video shows Brown as being a intimidating and aggressive toward the store clerk.

Should the surveillance video matter? NO! “Strong-arm robbery” does not warrant excessive force or murder. This is the beginning of the police creating a narrative that attempts to take race out of the picture, peg Mike Brown as aggressive, and justify the officer as acting in defense. If Brown is viewed as a suspect rather than just an unarmed black man the police believe race can be removed as a factor. If Brown is considered aggressive the police can use Dorian’s testimony to say that the officer acted in defense. If I have been able to access AYT’s video it’s possible that the police have been able to access it as well. They may not use it, but it does confirm the surveillance video. Confirming the surveillance video is about all it does.

Video of Dorian Johnson’s account

  • Johnson says Brown’s hands were filled with cigarillos.
  • Johnson says at one point Brown turned to him as said “hold these” referring to the cigarillos.
  • Johnson says there was a moment when they stared down the barrel of the officer’s gun.
  • Johnson says the officer yelled “I’m gonna shoot!”
  • The officer will say Brown got aggressive at the car, he warned him that he would shoot him, Brown didn’t stop assaulting him, so he fired.
  • The officer will attempt to use the aggressiveness shown in the surveillance video as Mike Brown being aggressive toward him at the car.
  • Johnson says that the officer looked like he didn’t mean to shoot Brown by the look on his face.
  • Johnson says the officer was in shock because he didn’t see Johnson, he was solely focused on Brown.
  • The police are likely to agree with the witness in saying that he was in a state of shock and not acting with his full mental capacity.
  • The police could try to plead the case that he was not of sound mind when he was doing the shooting which would agree with Johnson’s account.
  • The surveillance video has Brown wearing one outfit while other witnesses say the video of him laying on the ground appears to have him in a different outfit.
  • The St. Louis county police chief and Johnson agree that the police asked them to get out of the street.
  • The police did not mentioned a robbery to Brown and Johnson.
  • The police chief says the officer did not know Brown and Johnson as suspects in a robbery.
  • The surveillance video is likely to be used to show that Brown was intimidating and aggressive.

The police are likely to build a narrative where the loopholes in their story are overshadowed by the eye-witness accounts. The longer the officer stayed hidden or stays quiet allows them more time to observe and creatively craft the narrative they want the jurors to believe. After typing this entire post, taking a nap and waking up I find that the police chief says he was not trying to peg Brown as a suspect. The police chief says that the officer didn’t know that Brown was a suspect. I don’t think this will stop the lawyer representing the police from using the information the way I am laying it out. The police is strategic and full of shit.

Video of Tiffany Mitchell and Piaget Crenshaw’s account

  • Regardless of what happened prior to the shooting or what happened at the vehicle, the eye-witness accounts of what happened after Mike Brown pulled away from the truck are all very similar.
  • There could be some discrepancies in how many times Brown was shot.
  • There could be some discrepancies in whether or not he was shot while laying down.
  • It has not been disputed and appears to be continuously true that he was running away, turned around to face the officer, put his hands up, and dropped to his knees all while continuously being shot by the officer.
  • Mitchell and Crenshaw are the two eye-witnesses that cannot be easily discredited.
  • Mitchell has no relation to Brown or the neighborhood and can’t be considered compromised by emotion.
  • Mitchell in particular is very focused, straightforward, sure, and consistent during each interview I’ve seen her in.
  • The police and their representatives recognize that Mitchell’s testimony will not be easy to beat.
  • The police are likely to try and use Dorian Johnson’s testimony of the police being “in shock” as a way to describe that the officer was not in his “right mind.”

In conclusion, we must keep in mind that the officer will go on trial in front of a jury. The jury selection is going to be extremely important in this case. The instructions given to the jury are extremely important in this case. The police are strategically publicizing this narrative in hopes to spin the instructions given to the jury just as in the Trayvon Martin case. The jury can only try the defendant based on the charges being brought forth. This is where things can get very gray. To most this seems like an open and shut case. It sounds reasonable and easy to say “the officer shot Mike Brown while his hands were up. He executed him, plain and simple.” Our justice system is not so reasonable and easy for black men.

It took them 4 days to release the name of the officer and there still hasn’t been an arrest made. This is an indication that something is happening behind the scenes. I am not sure if I believe that Darren Wilson is the officer’s actual name. Dorian Johnson should be able to identify the police officer, yet he hasn’t even been interviewed by local police. Was he asked to identify the officer? I believe they are prolonging the release of Darren Wilson’s photo hoping that it will be less easy for Johnson and others to identify him. The police are making lots of really stupid moves. I also believe the police are attempting to make a few calculated moves. Will they be able to pull the okie doke on America? The Federal Government is involved which takes this case to a different level than the Trayvon Martin case or Oscar Grant case or others. I can’t imagine that a group of racist small town police officers will be able to bullshit their way through a case being investigated by not only local authorities but the Federal Government. This could be the case of the century.

Dear Missouri and the Federal Government, the world is watching.



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