Day 4: Sunday Breakfast Conversation

download (1)Paul cooked breakfast. Sunday is becoming our family convo over breakfast day. The kids shared their concerns about having two parents. I asked them “well didn’t you always want a dad in the house?” Their response was “umm NO!” I was a lil shocked. I guess Disney and other media had me tricked into thinking every kid wanted a mom and dad in the house. Lol! Josiah said he did at one point but after getting to know his dad’s personality vs. mine he said he was OK with me being the majority caregiver. Imani said she doesn’t really care either way. Josiah was most concerned about getting different instructions from each parent. We explored that and assured them that Paul and I are on the same page. They don’t have to worry about that. The one thing they were in full agreement on is they don’t want us to argue. They’ve never seen me arguing with anyone and they don’t want to. Growing up I never saw my parents argue, therefore I never argue in front of my kids. Paul and I are in full agreement on that so we assured them that they won’t have to worry about that. The conversation was deep, fun, and productive. I give thanks for the type of people I have groomed them to be and the environment that Paul and I are creating as parents. ‪#‎countdowntobirth‬‪#‎ShellysBelly‬ ‪#‎BabySkylar‬


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