Day 6: Special books arrive!

255_Day_6_Blue_LogoEasy peezy doctor’s appt. Now we wait for Skylar to nudge or Oct. 2nd, whichever comes first. I received some awesome mail! One item is a book I’m published in (edited by Sheena C. Howard) and the other is the baby book (gifted from ElectricLady Deniece P). Then the Kells Kakery team shipped me a nursing pillow. On top of all of that my daughter (Imani Bell ) cooked the bomb manwich and fries for dinner! Yesterday felt like it was my birthday! Lol! I am the happiest pregnant lady ever right now! Words cannot express the thanks I feel right now. Next up….Nats game, preparing the house, getting my mama (Stephanie Bell) to get my Moby wrap popping, more eating, more sleeping, and patiently awaiting baby Skylar! Let Day 5 begin!‪#‎countdowntobirth‬‪#‎ShellysBelly‬‪#‎BabySkylar‬


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