Day 7: TGIT

day7Thank God for friends who’ll help you look cute in the hospital. TonightKaNikki Jakarta retwisted my locs for me so i don’t have to be in the hospital looking like my hair needs medical attention! We ate Chinese and watched Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. I’m hooked on ABC Thursday nights! My last doctor’s appt. before the c-section is tomorrow. I’m making a list of things to ask the doctor. I want to know how how my insides look! Lol! You’re only supposed to have 3 C-sections but we may want one more child after the wedding. I want to know about the shots the baby will get a after birth, how long I have to stay in the hospital, and the closing procedure she’ll use for the surgery. A FB friend said she dreamed that I was posting pics of the baby on Facebook. It’s crazy bc earlier I was thinking what if I go into my appt. and the doctor says “we’re taking you in now!” I think I’m just anxious. Skylar will come when she’s ready! Who knows? Maybe she’ll be ready before Oct. 2nd. #countdowntobirth #ShellysBelly #BabySkylar


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