Day 9: Can’t touch my toes

IMG_4581 Who needs to touch their toes anyway? NOT ME! Spent the morning cuddling with Paul. Made a list of things we still need. Two of the things I really want are a boppy pillow and a baby book. Yea, we didn’t get a baby book. We have to have that! We don’t have many baby bottles but I don’t plan on bottle feeding for at least a month. I had cool convos with Paul’s mom and my mom today. I’m so sleepy and wishing my nephew would just stay sleep with me. He’s a year old and energetic. Sleeping all day is not happening! I have no clue how people manage having small children while pregnant. I’m slowing down and he’s speeding up. Skylar is snuggled head down at the bottom of my midsection. I can’t walk or stand long without pain. I’m thinking she will be between 7 and 8 pounds. I’m getting anxious! ‪#‎countdowntobirth‬ ‪#‎BabySkylar‬‪#‎ShellysBelly‬


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