Twitterview: Q-Tip on Iggy Azalea under the banner of Hip-Hop #GetSchooled

On this edition of Twitterview, Q-Tip…

Hi Q-Tip! It’s an honor. First let me start by expressing that the D’Angelo CD is fire!!!!

Yes! Yes! Now on to the matter at hand. Let me start by asking, what is Hip-Hop?

Can you break it down a little further for the Iggy Azalea’s (and the like) out there?

What is your response to Iggy Azalia speaking on people making “it” racial when discussing her, privilege, and Hip-Hop?

What questions do you have for Iggy?

Do you think Iggy feels attacked? If so, what would you say to her about that?

Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Welp! Thank you for your public twitter profile being available for Twitterviewing.

*Please note: These tweets are embedded here directly from Q-Tip’s timeline therefore if any tweets are missing it is because he has deleted them.*


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