On The Dialogue, Sorority Power, Cults, and Reality TV

Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLO) are making waves in convincing advertisers to pull out of supporting VH1’s most controversial reality show to date “Sorority Sisters.” Evidence of that is “The Dialogue,” a special segment that aired after last night’s episode. For the first time in reality show history, a cast was allowed to discuss who they really are and respond to the controversy over being a part of the show. Reality TV has always had it’s share of backlash, but none like this. BGLOs are gathering via social media to boycott the show and any advertisers that set foot near the airtime.

The Dialogue was eye-opening, genuine, and a bit delusional all at the same time. While I understand the BGLO’s and the cast’s point-of-views it is alarming to find that the cast has been receiving death threats. DEATH THREATS? Sure, reality TV is a bit over the top for a few people’s viewing pleasure, but it is in no way shape or form a reason to kill someone or wish them dead. The members of the BGLOs are showing their true colors here and I’m not just talking pink & green or crimson and cream! I’m talking cult-like behavior that should not be tolerated. On the other hand the cast members were saying things like “I joined the show to tell my story” and “I am a country girl that never saw this happening to me.” This explanation for joining the cast is weird. The show DOES not dig into their personal/family lives much, nor does it portray them as working on much of a career. They all seem to be pretty established or making small easily accessible steps toward a goal.

The show actually portrays them as a group of catty, privileged (at the moment), somewhat snobby members of BGLOs. I don’t think the list of personality traits mentioned are “ratchet.” I believe they are just personalities and without a little drama there would be no need to watch. This is the essence of reality TV. Get dramatic, whether the reasoning is intelligent or not. These women could not have possibly thought that joining the cast of a reality TV show was going to paint them in the best light. At least not in the first season.

K. Michelle feels she is exempt because she acts a fool without her Greek Letters on.


BGLOs pledged these women and women with similar personalities into their organizations. Does their reaction mean they are ashamed of who they’ve pledged? They can only hope that members will conduct themselves according to the creed agreed upon which does not state “I will not join a reality TV cast.”  Imagine if churches would send death threats to “backsliders” or people who don’t act as they wished they would. That is ridiculous. Members of BGLOs are individuals with the right to act as they please even while calling themselves a sorority sister. This situation should cause those who desire to pledge to really evaluate how quickly the tables can be turned. The show is called Sorority Sisters because it is indeed a fact that these women are a part of a sorority. It is a niche, a commonality,  not a showcase of BGLOs.

Besides, if a reality show can survive a season or two, all of the unreasonable drama usually dies down a little and you are able to see the personalities as well as life struggles of the cast shine through. It doesn’t look like Sorority Sisters will get that chance.

BGLOs are huge organizations with tens of thousands of members and they are not letting up. They aren’t just attacking VH1 and the cast, they are also attacking all of the advertisers.

Here is a message from the Facebook page “Boycott Sorority Sisters.”


_______________ Tuesday, January 6, 2015_________________

Good Morning All,

Last night was about two words, DAMAGE CONTROL. It is obvious from the shortage of advertisers, we have decreased the shows monetary value. Regardless of the negative light they tried to place on us,


The showing of two new episodes and a dialogue for a brand new show, demonstrated how desperate VH1 is right now. The desired sympathy they seek, DENIED!!


For those of you who watched, SHAME ON YOU. Even if you just watched The Dialogue which VH1 purposely set to air at 9:50, hence their time slot for ratings. We are supposed to be smarter. Why are you here if you are going to fall in line with any trap VH1 sets?

Just know, that if the viewership is up, you were a contributor.


The Block Party was AMAZING! Be prepared for next week’s repeat.

*****************************NEW MEMBERS***********************************

Join Our Weekly Monday, Night Block Party:



Join the Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/541280539342736

And… jump right in!

Go there now!

REMEMBER: One tweet a day will can help lead VH1 astray!

REMEMBER: One tweet a day will can help lead VH1 astray!

*************************** Seasoned Members *****************************

If you have not already done so, please check into your group according to Step 3 in the files.


Please allow us the time to acquire the advertiser’s information. Here is the list from last night’s line up.

1 Amazon
2 ATKINS (try tweeting Sharon Osbourne)
3 Baggage Game Show
4 Blueapron.com
5 Bodylab.com
6 California psychics 1800 393 0694
7 Canada Dry ginger ale
8 Chili’s Restaurant
9 Dishnet
10 Disney TSUM
11 East coast
12 Empire (Fox series)
13 Empire series fox
14 Fanduel.com
15 Fios
16 Goldwater law firm
17 Hay Day
18 Healthgrades.com
19 Hindsight(VH1)
20 Immortal guy
21 Kindle Voyage /Amazon
22 King Liquors (local add)
23 Lifetime: Little Women
24 Mortdecai movie
26 No Good Deed (blue ray)
27 Plan B One Step
28 Proactive
29 Progressive insurance
30 Slimquick pure / Slimquick Pure Men
31 Sponge bob the movie
32 Taco Bell
33 The boy next door movie
34 University of Phoenix
35 Zantrex 3


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