CHOP #3: B.o.B. ft JaqueBeatz & T.I.

Dope Female Critics

We are THE DOPE FEMALE CRITICS (THE DFC) an all female Hip-Hop review group chopping up new music. The def fresh crew bringing truth on this edition of the CHOP is S.B. Cooper, B. Sharise Moore, Bri, KB, Princess Best, and Chels.

Graduation Camp
Bobby Ray aka B.o.B. rev’d up at the end of 2014, starting his own label “No Genre” named after his 2010 mixtape, dropping his 8th mixtape, “No Genre 2,” signing an artist (Tora Woloshin), and dropping 2 singles all between October and December. He’s kicking off 2015 with a new joint spitting college extracurricular activity over a beat you can bob your head to.

B. Sharise: I have severely mixed feelings about this track. I liked the production and oddly enough found the hook to be extremely catchy (though vulgar as hell.) I don’t know, party tracks will be party tracks…

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