National Poetry Month 1/30

April is National Poetry Month! Every year poets around the world take on the challenge of writing a poem a day for 30 days. Every year I begin the challenge, but I think I’ve only completed it maybe once. This year is slightly different. I am going to begin the challenge, but I am not going to pressure myself to complete it! Writing every day is a huge task, but rewarding nonetheless. Plus, I need new poems in my life. After launching Made by a Black Woman as an online retail store and a design center I have been busy making living the entrepreneur life of hustle, happiness, and more hustle. February (Black History Month & my birth month), March (Women’s History Month), and April (National Poetry Month) are month long celebrations that vibrate various parts of who I am. Each month means a lot to me and has been a part of my journey as a designer, poet, and artist in general. So here we go!


You are not a penis’ bell hop,
Not escort for sperm,
Not a tool,
Not a party favor,
Not an accessory,
Not just company for the man,
Not plucked from below his ego.

Rib, is bone.
Rib, is structural.
Rib, he can break.
Rib, he can live without.
Rib, man can repair.
Rib, man has more than one of.
Rib, can be kicked.
Rib, is strong but unremarkable.
Rib, is the most forgotten part of body.

You are more than rib.
You, big bang.
You, spontaneous combustion.
You, unpredictable explosion.
You, Venus.
You, Moon.
You, cyclical.
You, stardust.
You, complex.
You, magical.
You, mysterious.
You, 5th element.
You are so much more than the bone that grew Fallopian tubes.

You appeared.
You are pulse.
More artery than bone
More muscle than rib
Man made God his image.
Man forgot how you got here.
Man don’t know what to do with you,
as if  it’s his decision,
to do,
with you,
at all.


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