Have an idea you want to explore for the possibility of making it a fully operating business? Have you taken steps toward becoming an entrepreneur and are unsure of where to go next? The Entrepreneur 101 sessions are geared toward what it takes to get you up and running as a business owner.

A well oiled machine is just a pile of gears if none of the wheels are turning! It’s time to get you excited about something! I am your cheerleader. Feel confident in calling the shots while we find ways to celebrate your progress.

Pep Talk (30 Minutes)
This is a 30 minute phone call at any point in your day to hype you into the energy to keep moving forward!

MOMMY POWER (30-60 Minutes)
Want to become a mom? Already a mom? Having a second or third child? Adopting? No matter the stage of motherhood you are contemplating or participating in, Mommy Power is a one on one coaching that helps you get back to who you were before being a mom took over your life! You spend so much time focusing on everyone else and it’s time you have your own cheerleader! Step into the no judgement zone and begin rebuilding your self esteem, body image, time management, and perception toward living your best life and being a mom at the same time!

MIND MAPPING (60 Minutes)

You talk.
I take notes using a large white board and various markers. I draw shapes, words, and connect the dots all while you tell me about your thoughts on personal growth, artistic endeavors, or business growth.

We brainstorm.
After you have vented, confessed, and released your thoughts we work together as collaborative strategist for positive artistic, professional, and/or personal benefit.  We will develop on-the-spot tools such as daily affirmations, ways to stay inspired, to-do lists, methods of encouraging yourself, marketing strategies for your business, a guide for your strategic plan, a template to increase/enhance/improve interactions with yourself and/or others.

When we meet you will have someone focusing on you WITH YOU!  You will feel heard. You will feel understood. You will have an opportunity to create and/or develop your goals on the spot.

BRAND AUDIT (7-14 days)
Ever wonder how your brand is truly doing? Have you honed in on which social media outlet is more beneficial? During your brand audit we will evaluate your brand from a-z including response time, image quality, content quality, and overall visibility. We go in-depth to provide you with a full report of how well your brand is established.

All sessions are offered virtually or in person.
We schedule in 30 minute or hour increments for as many days as you like.
This process is all yours!


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