Social Entrepreneur, Shelly Bell is among the nation’s most sought after writers, community organizers and performers. Excelling as a truly dynamic force in the local (Washington, DC), national and now international media, her work as a performance poet has led to an arts partnership with the Northern VA Fine Arts Association, an interview with NerdWallet, a performance with the world renowned Washington Metro Philharmonic Association, and serving as an Arts Commissioner for the City of Alexandria, VA.

Her organization,  Women Writers Rock (WWR) exists to empower self-identified women to manifest radical messages into the world. WWR strives to create, support, and advocate for a community of women holding space to explore ideas and challenge societal norms.  WWR envisions a world of safe people, safe spaces, and safe dwellings.

The Teepee Project creates teepees to serve as safe dwelling spaces for self-identified women. Shelly was inspired to create Teepee BnB after hearing countless stories of the challenges traveling women artist face when searching for a place to stay while on the road. Teepees are a comfortable sleeping area in spaces that may be shared spaces such as living rooms or outdoors. The Teepees we create are collapsible and can be stored when not in use. For more information visit The Teepee Project page.

IMG_9412My mission is to live forever! By integrating my personal style of storytelling into poetry, music, novels and film, I look to create timeless art that impacts generations long after I’m gone. My mantra is “REGRET NOTHING WRITE EVERYTHING!” 



Hosting/Community Organizing experience:


  • Awarded Best Female Performer (NUSPA 2012)
  • Nominated for Poet of the Year (Baltimore, MD 2010)
  • Nominated for Community Oriented Poet (NUSPA 2011)
  • Nominated for Best Poet/Spoken Word Artist (DMV Awards 2011)
  • ranked in the top 15 teams out of over 70 slam teams in the United States.


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